Model 367

No other truck brings quality, durability, reliability and performance to the vocational market like a Peterbilt. Inside and out, Peterbilt’s vocational vehicles are built to endure the most challenging work environments, providing lasting value and helping make your business a profitable one. Peterbilt’s rugged vocational trucks are built to withstand the rigors of daily heavy-duty service, whatever the demands of the job site may require. Durability, reliability and purposeful design elements are all core features of every truck in the uncompromising Peterbilt vocational lineup.

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Peterbilt’s Model 367 defines rugged durability and quality construction for the vocational market and is specifically designed to endure the rigors of dump, logging, construction and numerous other heavy-duty vocational applications. The lightweight, all-aluminum cab with lap seam construction and bulkhead style doors is legendary for toughness and corrosion resistance. It provides years of virtually watertight performance. The pod-mounted headlamps on the 367 are durable, corrosion-resistant and cost-effective to replace. They feature halogen bulbs for longer bulb life and outstanding nighttime visibility.


The PACCAR MX-13 superior power platform has been integrated into Peterbilt’s best-in-class vehicles to provide customers maximum power and outstanding fuel efficiency to optimize performance in virtually any application. The combination of a Peterbilt truck and MX-13 Engine offers long-term value through technologically advanced designs with lightweight materials that achieve excellent performance and superior fuel economy. The MX-13 provides longer service intervals, increased uptime, lower operating costs and higher resale value.

Cummins X15 Efficiency

The highest fuel economy in the industry. The longest maintenance intervals, for lower maintenance costs. Increased uptime, for greater productivity and profits. Technology that accelerates service accuracy and speed. The biggest, most capable parts and service network in the industry. Being able to choose the best components and put them together. Top it off with the best resale value of any engine in the industry, and youíve got a Total Cost of Ownership that puts you in front of your competition. The X15 500 is the ultimate package, pleasing drivers and accountants alike, and can be expected to drive our industry-leading resale value to even greater heights down the road.

Cummins X15 Performance

You want power? You want performance? You want reliability and durability? You canít do better than Cummins X15. Plus, you get the best fuel economy in the industry and the longest maintenance intervals, for lower maintenance costs. Connected Diagnostics that accelerate service accuracy and speed. Top that off with the largest, most capable parts and service network in the industry. Itís a total package that adds up to the best resale value of any engine in the industry. With a Total Cost of Ownership that makes the competition look like a tiny speck out the side-view mirror.


The Model 367 is available in both a set-forward and set-back axle configuration, with a 123″ BBC. Available with a variety of heavy-duty components, including full and partial frame liners, as well as a selection of axles, including tandem, tridem and lift-axle options, the 367 is as tough as it is versatile. The sloped hood on the Model 367 provides increased visibility around congested worksites and accommodates a 1,438-square-inch radiator for engines up to 600 hp. For tractor, oil field and stationary applications, you may choose a heavy haul hood configuration and house a large non-FEPTO 1,669-square-inch cooling system.


Every detail in Peterbilt’s vocational cab and sleeper interiors has been thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable, productive working environment. The ProBilt® interior is specifically designed for vocational applications and features five grab handles and a dash made of durable materials that is easy to clean and shows fewer scratches and scuffs. Power controls for door locks and windows are conveniently located in the door panel, and a multi-functional turnstalk and “dead pedal” provide a comfortable, ergonomic driver environment.