Model 579

A New Era of Class. The New Model 579 embodies the most reliable, technologically advanced and fuel efficient Peterbilt to date. With industry leading features, the new Model 579 is built to last and perform in the challenges facing today’s evolving trucking industry.

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The new Model 579 maintains the Peterbilt look and feel with a bolder, stronger, and sleeker look. The new three-piece Metton hoods are lightweight, serviceable and impact resistant helping maximize aerodynamic performance. The crown is narrower and has been lowered to improve visibility while accentuating the signature 579 chevron grille shape. Best in class technology is delivered through optional LED headlights and all new aerodynamically optimized mirrors that provide excellent visibility and durability.


With the new Model 579, the combination of aerodynamic innovation and powertrain optimization delivers performance and efficiency for the most cost-conscious companies with up to 5% improved fuel economy. Two new EPIQ aero packages as well as a Select Aero Package provide the right combination of fairings, skirts, and closeouts to exceed application-specific aerodynamic requirements.


Designed with the driver in mind, the new and improved cab is an environment that drivers want to be in. The largest sleeper to date and a 10% quieter cab, the interior is comfortable and ergonomic, with excellent visibility. With 8 feet of headroom, 70 cubic feet of storage and the largest mattress in the industry, the Model 579 sets the standard for driver amenities, comfort, and quality.


The new 15” digital display is purposefully designed with industry leading technology to provide drivers the information they need with customizable and easy to use features. Through enhanced cutting-edge technology, the digital dash offers lane keeping assist with torque assisted steering, object detection, virtual gauges, and enhanced collision mitigation. The new multi-function steering wheel features convenient access to cruise control and audio controls. It puts all the needs at the driver’s fingertips, in exactly the right place to provide ultimate comfort and reduce distractions. Switches are backlit for enhanced nighttime visibility.


The PACCAR MX-13 Engine brings a new level of innovation through industry-leading quality, exceptional reliability and proven performance. The combination of a Peterbilt truck and MX-13 Engine offers a long-term value through technologically advanced designs with lightweight materials that achieve excellent performance and superior fuel economy. The MX-13 provides longer service intervals, increased uptime, lower operating costs and higher resale value.

Cummins X15 Efficiency

The highest fuel economy in the industry. The longest maintenance intervals, for lower maintenance costs. Increased uptime, for greater productivity and profits. Technology that accelerates service accuracy and speed. The biggest, most capable parts and service network in the industry. Being able to choose the best components and put them together. Top it off with the best resale value of any engine in the industry, and youíve got a Total Cost of Ownership that puts you in front of your competition. The X15 500 is the ultimate package, pleasing drivers and accountants alike, and can be expected to drive our industry-leading resale value to even greater heights down the road.

Cummins X15 Performance

You want power? You want performance? You want reliability and durability? You can’t do better than Cummins X15. Plus, you get the best fuel economy in the industry and the longest maintenance intervals, for lower maintenance costs. Connected Diagnostics that accelerate service accuracy and speed. Top that off with the largest, most capable parts and service network in the industry. It’s a total package that adds up to the best resale value of any engine in the industry. With a Total Cost of Ownership that makes the competition look like a tiny speck out the side-view mirror.